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Well... this place is a lot better than camping. I am so glad we have fucking showers in here.

I think I might go look for some better camping things in some of the stores around here and chase some rats. The cat side of me is dying to have fun. Has anyone found a camping store in here?

Oh! I found a food court too. So if anyone wants to stock up on cans they should head north and then to the left. It should be behind some weird perfume store on the right.



Wow, life is dull here... wellllll~ Actually~~~ I do know of something that it rather interesting.

[Is so sticking out his tongue and making a face]

But I can't tell anyone~ So NYAN NYAN~~

[Screened to OU!Kurogane and OU!Yuuko]

Well, except you two soo~ooo....




Fucking moles... if they hit me one more time I swear to gods!

Okay, Kurogane said I should contact you Fai. So... are you alright?

And what about the rest of you sunworms. No one is seriously injured I hope.



[Accidental Voice Post]

... it seems that I'm stuck no matter what I do.

[A moment of silence follows, before you hear a slight growl from the other's throat]

No, Gwen. I do not like any of them.

[Again some silence, but a rude scoff seems to pierce it rather suddenly. And then Fay's voice seems to fade, along with his foot steps, like he's walking away from the PDA.]

That was a long time ago! Now it's more like an annoying curse!

[Yep, you guessed it. More silence. Now Fay's voice is strong again, his foot steps clearly getting closer.]

Of course I didn't go... why would I? It would hurt. Besides, I would have to answer questions. I don't want to answer anything. I like my privacy.

[This silence thing is becoming a bad habit. Now though there is a sound of a bed dipping as someone sits on it. And creaking in protest. Stupid beds are pieces of shits anyways. There is also a sigh before Fay decides to reply to the silence.]

That's easy for you to say. You loose two people you adore and then have another barge right in like a replacement each time. It's like a never get a chance to get over one when another throws themselves into my li--

[A sudden pause before some deep rumbles start leaving Fay's chest.]

That's on isn't it!!

[And now the PDA is filled with scratches, hissing, and general shouts of 'STUPID BITCH!' 'GIVE THAT BACK!' 'PARANORMAL SNOT BAG!' 'HAG!!' and crashes and things before something loud and obnoxious knocks against the PDA, which begins screeching loud enough to make ear drums bleed. When it clears, Fay is snarling and stomping away.]

I am so sending you back! Like I should have when I got rid of you in Kurogane's apartment! I don't care what you need, I'm forcing you out! I'm going to go look for a god damn something in this god damn place that tells me how to get rid of old hag spirits like you!

[He stomps off and slams the door, fumbling and grumbling and hitting all sorts of buttons until the thing shuts off.]

[//Accidental Voice Post]


Why... do I have a sudden urge... to dance?



It had come to my attention that people who travel and die in pairs seem to stay that way in death as well~

((OOC: He caught two ghosts doin' the naughty is what he means~))


Hey... has anyone been able to find anything out about this place? Like... from a library or something?

I'm interested as to how it's underground. And why all the locals are so..... pleasant.


Um... what the hell...?

I must have hit my head or something... there's no way that tree right there is a-- Holy shit it is!!


Yeah, I must have hit my head.

((OOC: Sums it up pretty well me thinks~))


[Voice Post]

*there is a loud crash when the PDA is turned on, and a grunt from Fay. Next comes a tired and very frustrated mutter*

Gods damn it...

*he picks himself off the floor, leaving the PDA behind, and their is what sounds like an echoing screech that nearly drowns out Fay's foot steps. He is running towards something, obviously intercepting whatever that screech had come from. Soon after the echos of a fight can be heard a long way from the PDA. It goes on for several minutes before there is a heavy thud and a painful groan*

Ugh... why are they always so difficult!?

*Fay struggles to his feet, ready to attack again, when their is a sudden rush of wind. The PDA cuts off right after Fay musters something that sounds a lot like a choked gasp*

[//Voice Post]